*Small custom items 40 week turnaround, large items 56+ week turnaround

What's this?....A new website?!

Welcome to the new website! I hope that you find this one much easier to navigate. First, I must thank my BFF and technical extraordinaire, Kristen.  She is such a smarty pants, and has saved my butt on multiple occasions from having to figure it out on my own (quite honestly, I wouldn't have).  So kudos to her and that brain of hers.

Secondly, like anything in life, this is a work in progress.  I appreciate any constructive feedback from you, the people that will be using it the most! You can leave a comment, or shoot me a direct message on social media with any suggestions. I will try my best to implement any that I can make happen.  

Along with the blog, I will be sending out newsletters to help communicate anything shop related you may want to be aware of.  This will include up and coming product offerings, dates and times of those offerings, and NEW products!  You guys know I like to keep things fresh, so ideas are always popping into my head.  This spring and summer is already jam packed with orders, but I have some plans for exciting things this fall! Subscribe to stay in touch!

Lastly, the biggest and warmest THANK YOU, to all of my followers, clients, and friends across this thing we call the internet!  Without you, I couldn't keep doing the job of my dreams.  You inspire me, you push me forward, you encourage me. For that, I cannot thank you enough. 

Love and magical wishes,


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