*Small custom accessories 35+ week turnaround time. Custom bags, shoes 40-50+ week turnaround*

Dansko's (Toes and Heels)

Dansko's (Toes and Heels)

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$800 + S&H

Shoe Options for this Collection:

Dansko Professional Leather Clogs


Design- Toes and Heels ($800):

- Two (2) animated characters on each Toe with coordinating background theme.

-Castles/buildings count towards character limit.

- One (1) animated character on each Heel.

- Corresponding solid color painted on sides.


Shoes included in the price. Adult sizes only. Shipping & Handling within the US is $20 and International is $50 (Australia/NZ $65).

If you have never worn any of these styles please verify your shoe size before providing us with your size. You are responsible for providing a correct shoe size for your order. This is a custom painted item and cannot be returned.

Once your order is confirmed, you will be asked to provide your shoe style, size, character choices/scenes or if you would like me to pick them out for you.